Private Tour

Locally owned and operated, most tours emphasize an educational experience; learning the Flora, Fauna, Geology, and History of the area.

All excursions include complimentary waters and snacks on-board.

Prices include entrance fees into Bryce Canyon National Park.

All Private Tour starting times may be adjusted to fit your schedule.

3 Hours (Cowboy’s Tour) - $85 per person

“Straight-to-the-points” experience, visiting Bryce Canyon’s must-see viewpoints; focusing on the lower amphitheaters of the park, your experience may be tailored to best fit your group with as much, or as little hiking as you’d like, all in just 3 hours.

4 Hours (Scenic Tour) - $105 per person

This “From-the-Top" experience is non-hiking, and will take you to from the lower amphitheaters, to some of the upper amphitheaters, and everything in between witnessing Bryce’s natural beauty and vista views from the rim.

4 Hours (Combination Tour) - $115 per person

This tour combines two trails, spanning two sections of Bryce Canyon, to create one of our favorite hikes; about 3 miles total of manageable terrain, down amongst the Hoodoos with time to see the rest of the lower amphitheaters from the top.

5 Hours (Steller’s Jay Tour) - $125 per person

Truly experience Bryce Canyon from the bottom to the top. This all-inclusive package offers a chance to see each section of the park; the Lower, the Middle, and the Upper Amphitheaters, and may be tailored to match your group’s interests to offer as little, or as much hiking as you’d like.

8 Hours (Bryce Canyon Country Experience) - $170 per person

This experience takes you to the furthest reaches of the park to an easy hike along the rim with views spanning across Bryce Canyon and the Grand Staircase National Monument. A stop at all of the best viewpoints, ending with a hike in the lowest sections of the park featuring a waterfall and grotto. Time included for lunch; inquire for options.

Public Tour

2.5 Hours (Daily Tours) - $55 per person

Select “must-see” viewpoints across the lower and middle amphitheaters of Bryce in a group setting, offering an educational narrative of the park. Water provided.

Offered two times daily: 9:00 A.M. / 2:00 P.M


All mileage starts at our office - All pricing is for 1-way trip unless specified, $15 per bicyle.

Ask about local "OFF ROAD" Destinations.

All passengers going into Bryce Canyon National Park are required to cover their own entrance fee, payable at the entrance station.


2 people: $5each additional person

Destination Price
Main Lodge $35
Visitor Center $25
General Store $35
Water Canyon/Mossy Cave $20
Fairyland Canyon $20
Sunrise $35
Sunset $35
Inspiration $35
Bryce $40
Paria $35

2 people: $15each additional person

Destination Price
Swamp Canyon $30
Whiteman $35
Farview $40
Agua Canyon $45
Ponderosa Canyon $45
Blackbirch Canyon $50
Rainbow Point $55

$6.00 per person for all destinations near* Bryce Canyon City. (*Locations within a 5-mile radius)

Inquire for all other destinations, including off-road and bicycle transports.


4people: $5each additional person

Destination Price
Panguitch $60
Escalante $70
Kanab $150
Cedar City $150
Torrey $200
Beaver $135
Springdale $200
Zion $200
St. George $250
Las Vegas, Nevada $450
Salt Lake City, Utah $475
Page, Arizona $300


Round-Trip. We wait at the hospital for you

Destination Price
Hospital $150


Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29

Helmets and waters included on all instances

Rentals Price
Bike Rental Per Hour $10
All Day Bike Rental (8 hours) $50


45 Minutes Top-Down Bike Excursion - $40 per person

(Shuttle Transportation Included)

A brief drive from our office takes you up over 500 feet to a breathtaking vista, and to an all downhill bike ride back to our awaiting shuttle. Some technical skills recommended, but not required.

2 Hours (Entrada Experience) - $85 per person

(Shuttle Transportation Included)

A truly off-the-beaten-path experience in the deep, rich reds of the Entrada Sandstone Formation. This is a roughly 4-mile loop with moderate uphill and exhilarating downhills. Some technical skills recommended, but not required.

Bryce Canyon Scenic Tours and Shuttle Service

Bryce Canyon Bicycle Adventures

Combination Tours

All Combination Tours include complimentary water and snacks.

Shuttle Transportation and Helmets provided.

3 Hours (Backcountry Hike ‘n Bike) - $125 per person

This is a truly special experience, descending multiple steps of our plateaus. Starting from the top of Bryce Canyon, we’ll hike down through a near hidden trail to the bottom, where our bikes await. From here it is a nearly all downhill track across the grey cliffs of the Cretaceous Formation, where our shuttle will be waiting to take us on a small hike that ends with a waterfall.

4 Hours (Backcountry Hike ‘n Bike Extended) - $145 per person

This is a variation of the Hike ‘n Bike, offering a different biking experience. After hiking out of Bryce Canyon from a near hidden trail, our shuttle will take you up to the very top of the Cretaceous Formation, where we’ll bike down and across the backside. This offers a longer, slightly more intense bike ride to multiple vista views, all while descending to our awaiting shuttle.

Bus Tour Pricing

$75.00 per hour


Valid national park pass, or $20 per person in addition to tour pricing, or receipt if you have already paid.

Sunscreen,sneakers or light hiking boots/shoes, either shorts or light hiking pants, a wind breaker,(something you can easily take off and carry as needed), and a camera.