★★★★★ | July 27, 2019

My husband and I spent the morning touring Bryce NP with Jim. He was incredibly knowledgeable and a gentleman. Jim took us to all the best spots and at some observation points, it was just the three of us (no crowds and a rarity in June)! After our morning with Jim, Mabry took us on a hike. He was so friendly and very polite. We cannot say enough great things about our day in Bryce. They made our day very special and one we will always remember!

Author: Emily and Jonathan Wood

★★★★★ | May 25, 2019

So glad we found this company! Sure, you can drive around Bryce Canyon and take some hikes on your own. But these guys can tailor the trip to your needs. In our case, we wanted only easy walking for 5. Our guide Mabry grew up here, read the weather & made sure we got to the most scenic sights before the rain, and filled us with info on the area, the trees and plants, prairie dog habits, history, and geology. The morning tour greatly enhanced the afternoon and next day that we did our own. Well worth the cost.

Author: Gail Murray

★★★★★ | May 16, 2019

Mabry was a fantastic guide. We learned so much from him about the geology, flora, history, care and critters in and around Bryce Canyon. He was so comfortable, pleasant and fun as well. He and his brothers grew up nearby and their familiarity and passion for the area shine through. Oscar picked us up at our campground near Zion and drove us back. It was a beautiful ride, and he told us so much about the Utah parks and Bryce that the time flew by. These brothers do a superb job and run a top quality business.

Author: Celine Wanner

★★★★★ | March 22, 2019

My family had a great day with both Oscar and Mabry. We were starting our day in Zion and were supposed to drive to Bryce to meet Oscar for our tour. In the morning, it started snowing and being Floridians, we were afraid of driving in the snow. Oscar agreed to drive over an hour to meet us at Mt. Caramel Junction so that we wouldn’t have to drive in snow. From there, Mabry took our family for a full day in both Bryce and Kodachrome Basin State Park. The “hikes” we had were appropriate to our ability (6 year old child in the group) and the homemade lunch and conversation were excellent. The views and diversity of nature were unmatched. My favorite was the tiny hike from Sunset Point to Sunrise Point in the snow. I also enjoyed throwing snowballs waaay down into the canyon (without fear of hitting anyone!!!) At the end of the day, Oscar drove us back an full hour and change back to our car. Both Oscar and Mabry shared their extensive knowledge of nature as well as their nearby hometown which added to the authenticity of the experience. These guys are relatively new to the business and still have genuine excitement of showing newbies the places that they grew up with and love. This excitement is impossible to fake and adds greatly to the experience.

Author: Arup Guha

Personalized and exillerating

★★★★★ | October 3, 2018

I just completed a 9 day tour with this exceptional company. From day one we were guided and cared for seamlessly and safely. The needs of our group were met at all times. These guys go above and beyond making changes and customizing to suit your personal agenda and skill level.

Mabry has exceptional knowledge regarding flora, fauna, geology and history. His exuberance and enthusiasm are sheer delight and will enhances your entire experience .

Oscar, John and Maybry provide a brilliant experience sharing their knowledge , humor , and easy spirit all the time going above and beyond .

There are no words that can truly explain the personal care and excellence these people provide.

Author: Cheryl from NYC

Carol from Brooklyn

★★★★★ | October 1, 2018

I wish I could give these guys 20 stars! After one day on our 9-person tour we felt like they were part of our group of friends! They are so friendly and fun, not to mention how knowledgable they are about local history, the geological makeup of the land, and the flora and fauna in each of the 8 parks and canyons we visited. They also pay personal attention to each individual’s needs and abilities, so you won’t get caught on a hike you can’t handle. It would be a mistake not to book your tour with this awesome company!

Author: Carol from Brooklyn

Britta Schellenberg

★★★★★ | September 4, 2017

We hired Mabry for a full day tour in Zion and loved him so much, we asked him to help us see all the good spots in Bryce the next day. Could not be happier with the experience. My parents are elderly and physically challenged. Mabry adjusted the tour as we went along, constantly checking with how everyone was doing. He is very knowledgeable regarding history, geology and fauna, answered all of our many questions, kept us entertained and upbeat, even though the sun was beating down. A private guide is the best thing anyone can do to experience the full beauty of these national parks.

Author: Britta Schellenberg

Oscar, Alan and Debbi

★★★★★ | August 4, 2017

My wife and I spent today with Oscar touring Bryce Canyon. I’m a 67 year old man with a bad back, bad knees and a smashed toe to top it off. Oscar geared the tour to my physical abilities and I didn’t have too much trouble getting around. This is a local company with local people and they have a lot of knowledge about the geology, wildlife, plants and hoo-doos. Lots of hoo-doos.

Bryce Canyon is a spectacular place and having someone show you around makes it that much more special.

Author: Oscar, Alan and Debbi

Kelly Koehl

★★★★★ | July 8, 2017

My husband and I opted for a tour. We were delighted to have Bryce Canyon Shuttle and Tours recommened to us. Our visit was on July 7, 2017. By far the BEST tour service we have experienced! They were friendly and courteous. Gave us lots of options when we called to inquire. The day of our tour, our guide, Mabry, was punctual and polite. He KNOWS the area and gave us a world class tour. How we appreciated his personal touch for where to go in Bryce Canyon and was ammenible to our wishes as well! We took the 5 hour personal tour, which we did not plan for lunch- however, Mabry had water and good protein snacks to keep us going. It was a delight not to just dropped off. Mabry told us all about the wild life, the plant life, the life of the Canyon. Likewise, he made sure we were at Rainbow Point to enjoy the Ranger Talk about the Grand Staircase. We would recommend this group to all who want a shuttle or a tour.

Author: Kelly Koehl

Janette Gentz

★★★★★ | June 22, 2017

Thank you Oscar for the excellent service you provided us from Bryce Canyon to Grand Canyon on 12 June 2017. It was great to learn so much first hand about the area you have grown up in. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world and your passion for this area is obvious. We would recommend your company to anyone. All the best for the future.

Author: Janette Gentz

Peter Moser

★★★★★ | May 10, 2017

My wife and I had a great private tour with Oscar today. The weather did not support us because is was raining, really cold and foggy as we were up in the clouds. However, we learned a lot from Oscar who knows everything about the Canyon, has great humor and was a perfect guide for us. Eventually the fog disappeared and we had some great scenic views we enjoyed very much. We’d definitely chose him again.

Author: Peter Moser

Steve Silverman

★★★★★ | November 21, 2016

Bryce Canyon Scenic Tours is a real “find”. Owned and operated by a local native, you get to hear information and see places that others can not provide.

Author: Steve Silverman

Jessi Sommer

★★★★★ | November 21, 2016

I could tour Bryce Canyon everyday, it’s gorgeous!

Author: Jessi Sommer